In a Mah Jongg set there are four pieces of each of these tiles, that is, there are four East Wind tiles, four South Wind tiles, four West Wind tiles and four North Wind tiles.

For scoring purposes the Wind tiles are known as the Simple Honour Tiles and this means that Wind tile suits you collect will be assigned higher score values.

For a Wind suit - you may collect Pungs, Kongs or a pair of identical wind tiles (the latter only for the purpose of going Mah Jongg) - Chows are not allowed.

East Wind
Chinese Character: "Tung"

The East Wind is associated with spring, the colour green, the dragon constellation (5 Circles) and the element wood.

South Wind
Chinese Character: "Nan"

The South Wind is associated with summer, the colour red, the phoenix constellation (3 Circles) and the element fire.

West Wind
Chinese Character: "Hsi"

The West Wind is associated with autumn, the colour white, the tiger constellation (8 Circles) and the element metal.

North Wind
Chinese Character: "Pei"

The North Wind is associated with winter, the colour black, the tortoise constellation (7 Bamboo) and the element water.

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