Version 1.50 Released

Finally, there is an update to the existing version. The new 1.50 version includes several asked for features:

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The software has been updated to install and run on the latest Windows operating systems, including XP and Vista.

We've included a new, faster installer, courtesy of NSIS.

Fixed various little problems to make your gaming experience even better.

You can now switch off the Kong Box, which means that you can play all 144 tiles if you like.

The discarded tiles are now visible, and you can configure how to display them.

You can use your favorite picture as a background picture.

The 'Seven Twins' special hand has been added.

Tile movements have been slowed down. If it's too slow for your taste then you can override it by specifying '-f:0' on the command line.

More tile sets by John Nicholas, Nancy Corbin, Ork, Jim Cheetham,and Keith Amman.

Your existing registration code will still be valid for this upgrade!

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