Scoring as applied to Berrie Bloem's Mah Jongg - The REAL Game!TM

The scoring in Mah Jongg in particularly complex, as you will see and has special significance. In China Mah Jongg is played exceptionally fast and as a betting game, scoring can vary considerably from region to region and from country to country. This scoring does not pretend to be definitive or official in any way, but rather aims to give a general guide.

It is quite possible for players to have negative value total scores (this does not apply to hand scores), this is because points are paid to the other players if you lose. It is also possible during a Game for a player's fortune to change dramatically - from being in the lead one minute to last position the next! It is also worth knowing that the player who goes Mah Jongg does not necessarily have a higher score than the other players when scores are totalled for a hand.

To calculate the scores, there are a couple of basic rules applied:

First the winner's hand is calculated
Then the other players' hands
Next, all the losers pay the winner and then the three other losers pay the difference in their scores to each other.

Information is available for the following topics:

Calculating Scores for Players Hands
Default Scores
Settling Scores
Scoring Exceptions
Scoring Sticks

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