This section provides detailed information on product ordering options. We reserve the right to alter our pricing policy at any time.

Please note that we ship the current release version, and that the registration code works with all versions in the 1.00 to 1.99 range, including beta's. This does not mean that there will be this many versions ;-)

Product Options Cost Web Credit Card Orders
Order direct from the author
(UK Sterling Pounds or US Dollars)
Tel/Fax/Snail Mail Orders
Registration Number
Sent via email / fax / snail mail. Code not given by telephone.
US $29.95 / 20.00 UK Sterling Pounds Click to order Mah Jongg Registration Code
Click here to order
Please save, fill out and print this form. See NorthStar Solutions Below

The CD-ROM is no longer available as the downloadable version is newer than the CD version.

Given the nature of our products, and the fact that evaluation versions are freely available, refunds will NOT be given.

NorthStar Solutions processes orders only, if you want further information on the game or technical support please send an email to:

Postal Orders Direct To The Author
Please save, fill out and print this form.

NorthStar Solutions
NorthStar Solutions are our ONLY US based billing service authorized to process any orders you may wish to place with your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card.

NorthStar Solutions have assigned Mah Jongg the following ID numbers:
1087: Mah Jongg Registration number only.

NorthStar Solutions can be easily contacted for orders only via any of the following methods:

Calls are taken Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, CST
800 699-6395 (Calls from within the U.S. only)
785 539-3731

785 539-3743 (Available 24 hours)

CompuServe: starmail
America Online: starmail

You may register with a check or money order (U.S. currency only).
Make them payable to "NorthStar Solutions" and send them to:
1228 Westloop Pl
Suite 204
Manhattan, KS 66502

Please provide (or be prepared to provide) the following information when ordering:

* The program you are registering: Berrie Bloem's Mah Jongg - The REAL Game!
ID# 1087: Code only.
* Your mailing address
* Your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card number and its expiration date (if using your credit card)
* Your email address (so NorthStar Solutions can send you an email confirming your order and so I can contact you easily with any important follow-up information, upgrade announcements, etc.)

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