Step 6: Tiles dealt to You

Assuming that you've had no luck so far and the player sitting to your left has discarded a tile that nobody wants, then it is finally your turn. You will now be dealt a tile which will be placed on your stake, let's say it's 7 Bamboo. You now have to discard a tile.

Aha, your hand is getting better, because now you can also try to collect a Pung of 7 Bamboo! But the choice of which tile to discard now becomes more difficult, because you can potentially make Pungs and Chows for three suits. You'll have to decide what you want to do; either to go Mah Jongg quickly with a marginal score (by discarding Wind and Dragon tiles early in the Game), or try to see if you can get a better hand by discarding (almost) completed combinations.

Well, because it's early in the game and we hope to get some more Wind and Dragon tiles, we'll try the second option. We'll discard one of the three Wan tiles, let's say 4 Wan.

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