Step 7: Discarded Tiles - Pungs, Kongs and Chows.

The game now continues. Each time you are dealt a tile you think hard and discard one of the tiles on your stake, thus trying to increase your chances to make Pungs, Kongs and Chows and ultimately to go Mah Jongg. Watch carefully what the other players are discarding, because if it's a tile you can use to make a Pung, Kong or Chow, you can pick it up. There are two limitations however, the first one concerns picking up tiles that another player wants (as well as you) and the second concerns Chows:

If more than one player wants a discarded tile, then the player who can make the best combination will get the tile. See Rules.

You can only make a Chow with a discarded tile if the tile you want is discarded by the player sitting to your left. The only exception to this is if you can make a Chow with a discarded tile and go Mah Jongg at the same time. If you can then you can pick up the discarded tile you need from any player.

If you make a Kong (four identical tiles), either by making it out of tiles you have been dealt, or by picking up the fourth tile you need when one of the players discards the tile, you will be dealt an extra tile.

After you make a Pung, Kong or Chow with a discarded tile, and after you are dealt a tile, you must always discard one of the tiles on your stake.

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