Mah Jongg Anyone?

Mah Jong, Anyone? - K.STRAUSER & L.EVANS (1964)

Mah Jong, the ancient game of China, is enjoying another burst of popularity in America and in the many foreign communities of the Far East. In the years since Mah Jong swept the U.S. in the '20s, the rules have become complex, varied, and subject to yearly changes, thus losing a good deal of the spirit of the original game. The rules of the game in Illinois or New York are no more similar than they are in foreign communities in Tokyo or Singapore.

Mah Jong, Anyone? is the answer to the present state of confusion, as well as being the perfect primer for the new player and a handy manual for old Mah Jong hands. Here is a clear set of rules, plus basic information on equipment, accessories, terminology, rules of play, scoring, penalties, and bonuses. This is a much needed manual of simplified rules that retains the best of the stimulating Western innovations in the game while still being true to the Chinese spirit of the original game. Experienced Mah Jongg players especially will welcome the section on Special Hands.

Mah Jong, Anyone? is ideal for Westerners at home as well as around the globe who savor, or want to start savoring, their hours clicking the Mah Jong tiles as they play the ancient "game of the four winds".

Published by Charles E.Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont and Tokyo, Japan.

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